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It contains an optimal ratio of binders such as organic activated coconut shell charcoal, horsetail silica, patented modified citrus pectin, which bind various types of toxins (heavy metals, endotoxins, gases, etc.) and safely eliminate them from the body.



Effective support for all three phases of detoxification with an optimal combination of 14 vitamins and minerals, 4 amino acids and 4 natural extracts to regenerate, protect and cleanse the liver and provide antioxidant protection for the cells in the body.

Cell Renew


A professional formula with a unique combination of 19 amino acids, peptides, vitamins and minerals for energy, collagen formation, neurotransmitter support, hormones, skin, muscles and whole body support.



Who are we?

We are an agile team of integrative doctors and bio-hackers, united in a heartfelt mission to share with you effective techniques and boutique solutions to optimise your quality of life.

We want to empower you to live a healthy and vital life by providing innovative, holistic and science-based solutions.

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Dr Ines O'Donovan

Managing Director of Jeunessima (Germany)

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Matej Mihelič

Professional Executive Coach (Singapore)

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Luc Richard

Director HumanEmotion (Switzerland)

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