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AminoElite+ is a great product to support the body. Its biggest advantage is that the beneficial effects, such as more energy and endurance and faster recovery, are felt immediately. I recommend.


My diet has been a challenge for me for a few years now, and I have had to pay a lot of attention to it because of my illness. Before buying the course, I thought I already knew a lot about healthy eating. But I quickly realised that there was still a lot of room for manoeuvre and that the Food as Medicine course would allow me to take my knowledge to the "next level". With the help of Tina's comprehensive lecture and other videos, I was able to piece together some of the missing puzzles. Among other things, I realised that I need to read the ingredients of foods in the grocery store even more carefully, that I have been storing quite a few foods at the wrong temperature and that I still have quite a few gadgets in my kitchen that are not good for preparing healthy food. I also benefited from the substitutions of less healthy foods with healthier ones, the shopping list and all the other "candy" in the programme. All I can say is that the programme is very well designed and worth every penny. If you really care about what you put into your body, I highly recommend the programme.


Thank you for a very good lecture, as a retired pharmacist it was a real balm. A lot of effort, a lot of study of the literature has gone into this presentation.

Control the molecular and biological causes of ageing

Online education: master the molecular and biological causes of ageing


Professional and systematic delivery of very interesting and useful content.

Cell Renew

No fatigue, more energy, positive thoughts, cell renewal. Thank you lp Mateja

She learned a lot of new things. Thank you.


I donated the card because I couldn't attend the event myself - I live abroad. However, I have heard nothing but praise and I hope that the event will be organised again next year.

Excellent, I'd love to come again next year


The event/course was excellent, I learnt something new again and we had a great time together.

Cell Renew
Jana Konobelj

Cell Renew

A full-day course to optimise vitality and health (in a modern and integrative way)

A full-day course to optimise vitality and health (in a modern and integrative way)


A great contribution to a better world
with healthy and therefore happy people.

A great event

Great event and very interesting speakers

A full-day course to optimise vitality and health (in a modern and integrative way)

Best possible **********

It was a wonderful day, full of lots of new information, given by wonderful people, I enjoyed every moment of it, the day flew by.
Today will be a time for reflection on everything we have heard and written down, and then action!
A heartfelt thank you to everyone for everything,
with love and respect, Tanja


We enjoyed the event and learned a lot. We will be happy to incorporate some of the information into our daily rituals. Thank you.