Vitality metamorphosis in 21 days
with Dr. Tina Prodnik and guests

A scientifically backed programme to help you lose weight,
restore your body and energy so you can live a more vital life.
This year, on the occasion of the launch, a live guided tour from 29.05. to 19.06.2024!

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It's not too late to before summer do something for yourself!

Now is the perfect time to give your body and energy an extra boost and enter the summer more vital.
With proven, scientific, effective practical approaches, supported by integrative and functional medicine.

Mitochondrial support

Activation of mitophagy, reduction of damage and optimisation of mitochondrial function.


Supporting metabolic detoxification, relieving stress on the liver and the whole body.

Cell regeneration

Activation of autophagy, stem cells and thus overall rejuvenation and regeneration.

Get your body back in homeostasis and bring more into your life:

In three easy steps to get there:

Weight loss and transformation doesn't have to be exhausting and boring - with us, it can be easy, light and fun.


Join the e-programme and the closed support group


Follow the easy steps of the programme


Congratulate yourselves and enjoy the results


21-day 3in1 programme:

What you get in the 3in1 package:

1. PROGRAMME: Revitalising energy metabolism and mitochondrial health

After the age of 35, metabolism slows down, inflammation and hormonal imbalances increase, and energy decreases, affecting our overall health and vitality. We can change and improve all this. 

Our e-program offers tailored strategies to improve the efficiency of your metabolism and mitochondria, resulting in more energy, less inflammation, loss of excess fat...

Why is this programme so important?

Metabolic flexibility, low inflammation in the body and mitochondrial health are the foundation for preventing chronic diseases, maintaining ideal body weight, overall vitality and health. When we talk about metabolism, we cannot ignore the mitochondria.

The main reason we breathe oxygen and eat food is to provide the basic elements for mitochondrial energy production. When mitochondria are healthy and functioning efficiently, all processes in the body are optimised, including immune function, detoxification, muscle activity, brain function and much more. If the mitochondria are not working properly, we feel tired and exhausted, which can ultimately lead to disease.

In our step-by-step programme we will learn how to optimally support the mitochondria and metabolism, and thus our health, vitality and energy.

With video guides, effective tips and support materials such as e-books, information cards, questionnaires and workbooks, this e-learning is designed to make it easy for you to track your progress and quickly integrate what you have learned into your daily life.

What do you get from the programme?

  1. Disease prevention: The body's ability to manage energy resources efficiently can lead to a reduced risk of chronic and other diseases.

  2. Weight management: Improved metabolic flexibility and mitochondrial function allow the body to efficiently use stored fat for energy, making it easier to reach a healthy weight and preventing the storage of excess fat, especially around the abdomen.

  3. More energy and better well-being: Reduced inflammation, increased cell protection and support in mitochondrial function help to boost energy, resulting in reduced fatigue and a better feeling throughout the day.

  4. Improving cognitive function: After the age of 35, there is a decrease in glucose oxidation in the brain, which can lead to reduced cognitive function and brain fatigue, known as 'foggy thoughts'. With improved metabolic flexibility, the mitochondria in the brain can function better, improving concentration, memory and mood.

  5. Reducing biological age: By reducing metabolic stress, inflammation, activation of apoptosis and cell regeneration, we can influence the ageing process and actually slow it down.

2. PROGRAMME: The metamorphosis of cellular health

The innovative five-day programme was created by Dr Tina Prodnik and is based on 20 years of ground-breaking research from renowned universities and research institutes.

This programme allows you to eat full meals while achieving all the benefits of water fasting, including weight loss, improved energy, balanced blood sugar, hormone balance, etc.

Why is this e-programme so important?

Fasting and low-calorie eating are interventions that have been researched for decades and have many proven health benefits, where studies have shown that they can also prolong life.

Water fasting alone is difficult, demanding and impractical for most people today, and can have significant side effects or consequences.

Our e-programme offers a solution based on more than 20 years of ageing research conducted at the University of California. To date, more universities and hospitals have been involved and more than €100 million have been spent on in-depth research and confirmation of the positive impact on various health conditions.

Dr Tina Prodnik brought this knowledge to Slovenia five years ago, building on it with additional methods that are simple, effective and make it easier to perform.

What do you get from the programme?

Optimising weight and reducing abdominal fat: The programme enables effective weight loss, especially of excess abdominal fat, which is important for overall health and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Life extension: The programme is based on the principle of fasting, which has been shown to be associated with longevity. Periodic calorie reduction can activate cellular pathways that can extend lifespan and reduce biological age.

Preventing age-related diseases: Fasting and the associated calorie restriction can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, increasing quality of life in older age.

Cell renewal and regeneration: During fasting, the process of autophagy is stimulated, where cells break down and remove unnecessary or dysfunctional components. At the same time, stem cells are activated and the organs and the whole body are regenerated through the correct addition of nutrients.

Reduction of inflammation: Fasting can reduce inflammatory markers, which is a very important factor, as we know that inflammation is the common denominator of all diseases brought about by ageing.

Improved energy levels and mental clarity: Increased ketone production, reduced inflammation and cell regeneration can improve mental clarity and cognitive function.

Blood sugar regulation and hormonal balance: The programme helps regenerate pancreatic cells and increases the insulin sensitivity of cells in the body, leading to better blood sugar control, prevention of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and hormone regulation.

Stem cell-based regenerative effects: The programme activates regenerative and protective processes at the cellular level, stimulating the body to repair and replace damaged cells with new healthy cells.

Simplicity and practicality: The 5-day cycle makes it easy to integrate the programme into your daily life.

3. METAMORPHOSIS OF VITALITY IN 21 DAYS: Launching live this year from 29.05. to 19.06.2024

We know that professional support is crucial to achieving our goals effectively. At the same time, it has been shown that it is team energy that really helps to achieve goals and better results.

The programme will be in a hybrid format in a new online classroom, allowing you to follow it anytime (stress-free), whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. The second interactive part of the programme will take place in a closed FB group.

What can you expect?

  • You will receive a complete package with instructions and access to your email when you register.
  • Daily motivation and interaction: Within 21 days, you will receive a daily group guide for that day. The notes will guide you and help you to follow and complete the programme.
  • Interactive meetings: We will also meet live seven times during the 21 days, and more if necessary, to review current issues and answer questions.
  • Expert guidance and guests: We will also invite various experts to provide additional support over the 21 days, which will further increase the energy of support and action on several levels.
  • The power of group energy: In a closed group for participants, we will encourage each other, stand side by side and exchange ideas.

How will the Vitality Metamorphosis programme work?

Programme leader Dr Tina Prodnik, DNM, MS 

What makes this programme so unique and why
guaranteed results?

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Who will be with you in the programme ...

Dr Tina Prodnik, a renowned expert in integrative and functional medicine with over 20 years of experience, works between Switzerland, the USA and Slovenia.

During her 20 years of work, she has invested a great deal of effort and resources in education and has attended various world congresses in the field of disease prevention and ageing.

All this knowledge and practical work with individuals and groups has helped her to find out what really works in health and longevity.

The basis for serious research and science ...

The core part of the programme is based on the work of leading universities around the world that have been actively working on ageing for more than 30 years and have clinically validated the results in collaboration with hospitals. Tens of millions of euros have been invested in the research itself.

Now we have built on this foundation with the latest research, practical experience and effective methods in the field of mitochondrial health, detoxification and cell regeneration. This is how our 21-day programme was born.

Why we guarantee results ...

The scientific basis: It is based on scientific and clinical research.

A holistic approach: Developed on the basis of Dr Tina Prodnik's interdisciplinary studies and practices.

Proven effective: Some of the methods in the programme have been tested and validated by blood tests.

Adapted to modern needs: Easy to integrate into your life.


Vitality metamorphosis in 21 days
with Dr. Tina Prodnik and guests


29.05. - 19.06.2024 Z




We want as many Slovenians as possible to improve their health and vitality, which is why we have prepared for you
a special spring campaign.

Three programmes, with a total value of €507 + bonuses, are now available in a launch promotion
for only €177 ! 

This year at launch you can save more than €330 and get Additional bonuses.

 Regular package price: 507 €

Launch promotion € 177

Valid until 29 May 2024 or

for the first 150 registrants!

Secure purchase with MasterCard ID Check, Visa Secure, transfer to TRR and 
PayPal secure.


If you are not satisfied with the programme, we will refund your money.
So don't risk anything and don't waste time and money on something that won't get you results.
We stand behind the programme and offer a 100 % guarantee on your investment. 

What did the participants say?

Sometimes I imagine certain people.

Well, that's how I manifested Tina Prodnik, in whose programme we travelled for 21 days and took care of new, healthier eating habits.

My results after 21 days:

  • the brain is more active, there's no more fog at 5pm,
  • the bloating around my belly has gone away when I don't eat gluten,
  • in the middle of the second week I had a burst of energy, strength in my body, clear thoughts, during which time I climbed indoors and on the 25m 5c rock, never before, and I really can't compare myself anymore, but it was such a positive surprise that the girls at the climb asked me: 'What are you eating?' And the question is...what I don't eat anymore,
  • I ate half as much food as usual, detoxed only 2x, 1x with a coffee enema, which I don't like anymore, and 1x with probiotics,
  • Oh, and I lost 1 kg, but that didn't matter, I was working on my body's vitality;

So I recommend the 21 - day Vibrant Longevity programme, and I especially recommend Tina Prodnik and her knowledge, she has a strong mission to give Slovenia and Slovene women quality nutritional content, ... 

Brigita Langerholc,
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In May I joined Dr Tina Prodnik's programme.

This challenge with her has been a challenge that has brought me real results all these years!

Not only the loss of fat around the waist, but also the marked elimination of toxins, which at the beginning was expressed in the form of pain in the kidneys, spleen, the elimination of toxins from the body, especially at the beginning, was very intense. The gluten-free diet, the selective elimination of foods that did not support me and the inclusion of foods that supported my organism, brought already in the first year remarkable results, more energy and vitality, will to live and the blood analysis after the challenge also showed a great improvement in all areas.

This year, however, when the challenge was supported by Tina's supplements, besides losing fat around my waist and feeling fitter and more vital, I noticed that my skin was much less dry and scratchy, especially on my legs. I'm at the age where cotton wool is my predominant dosha and my body is drying out, which was very noticeable as I couldn't moisturise my body with any cream.

After her challenge - I stuck to the diet for 2 months and did the 5-day challenge - I also saw a visible hydration of the skin on my legs and arms.

My digestion was excellent throughout and my body got used to healthy food without sugar and coffee. There is an increased vitality and awareness that I can give up anything that does not support me, and a special strength that strengthens me through the daily challenges that we all face over time. And my intensity of work is similar to that of my thirties.

I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to improve or regain their health.

Dragica Čarna
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What they have gained Participants in our e-programme?

Dr Ines O'Donovan
Director of Jeunessima - Germany
Luc Richard
Director of HumanEmotion - Switzerland

And more:

Frequently asked questions

Most often, participants comment that it passed them by the moment they saw the price. How so?
This programme is short and effective, and packed with the heart and supportive energy of our expert Dr.
Tine Prodnik. In any case, the amount of time and energy you invest in the programme is up to you.

We don't doubt it! NO TREAT, we guarantee you won't waste your time and
money for something that won't get you results. We stand firmly behind our programme and offer
100 % guarantee on your investment. If at the end of the 5-day challenge you have not noticed any visible
results, we will refund your money.

  • Proven: advice is tested in practice and not just based on concepts that sound good in the
  • Easy to use: suitable for even the busiest of people.
  • Relevant: adapted to the times and places we live in today.
  • Flexible: available on a web-based platform, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime.
  • A holistic approach: it contains many important elements to improve your lifestyle.

Certainly not in this form. Maybe next year.

Only as much as you want, as you measure the amount of time and energy you invest in the programme. yourself.


Vitality metamorphosis in 21 days
with Dr. Tina Prodnik and guests

We want as many Slovenians as possible to improve their health and vitality, which is why we have prepared for you
a special spring campaign.

Three programmes, with a total value of €507 + bonuses, are now available in a special offer at the time of launch
for just €177! 

This year at launch you can save more than €330 plus get Additional bonuses.

Regular package price: 507 €

Launch promotion € 177

Valid until 29 May 2024 or

for the first 150 registrants!

Secure purchase with MasterCard ID Check, Visa Secure, transfer to TRR and 
PayPal secure.

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